Impactful medical breakthroughs for everyone, with everyone.


Leapcure is a global team of thought leaders who elevate patient interactions to progress research for all. We do this with a purposeful, brave culture that deeply connects to each of our personal values.

Through innovative technology and empathetic conversations, our impact is limitless.

Our Core Values

The Leapcure mission has always been centered around advocacy.
We use our unique values to guide this mission in every way.

Difficult Truths

Tell us what you don't want to have to tell us. Do not be afraid of communicating failures. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for clarity. Only when we communicate challenges clearly, will necessary learnings happen.


This is beyond just a job. It's a cause and a journey. It's also a living, growing experience. At times we all have to work on low complexity challenges that are outside of our personal comfort zones.


Recognize people have different backgrounds, life experiences, roles and perspectives. Be a facilitator of feedback and ideation. Build lasting chemistry with partners. Accept and adapt to realities to get the most out of the collective team.


To continuously drive for results we need to seek understanding from a place of empathy and curiosity. Whether it's patients, community leadership, study teams, sponsors or fellow Leapcure teammates, seeking a better understanding of people's starting points and their "why" illuminates opportunities to make a difference at a human level.


Leapcure is a pursuit of improving the quality of life for many people. It's focal in our lives. Our contribution to advocacy extends beyond the workplace. The speed of our progress can be measured in healthy heartbeats. We don't take speed for granted.

It's time for clinical trials to be designed around you

Since Leap Day 2016, we’ve partnered with over 10,000 Patient Advocacy Groups across 42 different countries… and counting. We’re proud to link arms with support groups and clinical trial sites across the globe that highlight patient stories.

Leapcure goes above and beyond by also interviewing each clinical trial site to provide specific assistance to each location. Our goal is not only to provide the most qualified and highly engaged patients, but also to assist the site with their individual needs.

Patient Success

Our concierge approach improves each patient’s journey, starting with a pre-screening form created to ensure that candidates meet the minimum criteria.

Every single patient is contacted directly by one of our Patient Success Coordinators. We take great pride in ensuring direct communication and a streamline connection between the candidate and the clinical trial site.

Responsible Data Management

Patients shouldn’t have to worry about their privacy being violated. At Leapcure, we believe in protecting sensitive information and have designed our approach to protect patients from having their personal data shared without their consent.

Meet the team behind Leapcure

CEO & Founder, Zach Gobst ...
Zach Gobst

Founder & CEO

Oakland, CA, USA

Head of Patient Advocacy and Recruitment, Laura Brencher ...
Laura Brencher

VP of Advocacy and Growth

Cardiff, Wales

CPO, Sam Applebaum ...
Sam Applebaum


Las Vegas, NV, USA

COO, Dylan Berkenfeld ...
Dylan Berkenfeld


Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sr. Director of Partnerships, Vishal Panchal ...
Vishal Panchal

Sr. Director of Partnerships

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Head of Patient Success, Kartik Ramkumar ...
Kartik Ramkumar

VP of Business Transformations & DEI

Washington, DC, USA

Senior Operations Manager, Lauren Dahl ...
Lauren Dahl

Senior Operations Manager

Oakland, CA, USA

Senior Operations Manager, Nick Tresnowski ...
Nick Tresnowski

Senior Operations Manager

Chicago, IL, USA

Advocacy Strategy Manager ...
Danny Scott

Recruitment Strategy Manager

Houston, TX, USA

Patient Success Coordinator, Hali Klamm, RN ...
Hali Klamm, RN

Clinical Operations and Growth Specialist

Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA

Patient Success Coordinator, Lucia Mujica ...
Lucia Mujica

Operations Specialist

Toledo, Spain

Advocacy Partnerships Marketing Specialist ...
Alexandra Chavez

Advocacy Partnerships Marketing Specialist

Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

Advocacy Partnerships Specialist, Rithana Srikanth ...
Rithana Srikanth

Advocacy Partnerships Specialist

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Patient Success Coordinator, Piumi Yaggahahewage ...
Piumi Yaggahahewage

Patient Success Coordinator

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Patient Success Coordinator, Kacie Watkins ...
Kacie Watkins

Patient Success Coordinator

Seattle, WA, USA

Patient Success Coordinator, Nisha Narang ...
Nisha Narang

Patient Success Coordinator

Queensland, Australia

Patient Success Coordinator, Katelin Nading ...
Katelin Nading

Patient Success Coordinator

Tucson, AZ, USA

Patient Success Coordinator, Dylan Kantor ...
Dylan Kantor

Patient Success Coordinator

New Orleans, LA, USA

Patient Success Coordinator, Jessica Richell ...
Jessica Richell

Patient Success Coordinator

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Patient Success Coordinator, Ilse Padilla ...
Ilse Padilla

Patient Success Coordinator

Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

Patient Success Coordinator, Klaus Salentin ...
Klaus Salentin

Patient Success Coordinator

Bonn, Germany

Patient Success Coordinator, Andreina Croce ...
Andreina Croce

Patient Success Coordinator

Ventnor City, NJ

Executive Assistant, JZ Aggabao ...
JZ Aggabao

Executive Assistant

Manila, Philippines

UI/UX Designer, Jhonathan Gutierrez ...
Jhonathan Gutierrez

UI/UX Designer

Cali, Colombia

Software Engineer, Alec Diaz ...
Alec Diaz

Software Engineer

Irvine, CA, USA

Senior Software Engineer, Mauro Cárdenas ...
Mauro Cárdenas

Senior Software Engineer

Lima, Perú

Quality Assurance Engineer, Marie Antoinette Reyes ...
Marie Antoinette Reyes

Quality Assurance Engineer

Manila, Philippines

IT Consultant ...
Fernando De Los Rios

IT Consultant

Bogotá, Colombia

Physician Advisor ...
Christian Akem Dimala, MD

Physician Advisor

Reading, PA, USA

Physician Advisor ...
Arvind Ravintuala, MD

Physician Advisor

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Our commitment to
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our mission has always been to combat medical bias.

For us, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an essential part of our industry. And we’re excited to see a push for inclusivity within the industry. In our eyes, we believe actions speak louder than words. And for that reason, we’re just as much against performative activism as we are against ignoring injustices in research.

Every day we present solutions and follow through on addressing and improving study design. Some of the ways we do this are:

We’re committed to identifying issues related to inclusivity.

And most of all, we acknowledge we’re always learning. As a team, we save space for honest discussions and do the work needed to identify any blind spots.

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