Now you can

recruit, engage & retain

patients for clinical trials... faster.

We recruit patients so you can do more.

Accelerate Recruitment

Increase Engagement

Improve Retention


Leapcure’s Adaptive Screening Platform recruits patients based on your study's conditions, inclusion/exclusion criteria, location, and procedure. Get better quality patients involved in your study in days… not months.

Engage & Retain.

Dramatically improve patient commitment for the length of your study. Leapcure reminds your patients of upcoming appointments and study-related activities through text, email and phone. Dropouts and no-shows become a thing of the past.


Keep your study on-track with up-to-the-minute analytics that allow you to monitor, manage and optimize your study’s timeline. Measure online advertising performance and make suggested improvements on-the-fly. Ensure your study is complete without a hitch.

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