Inclusive Clinical Trials are
Advocacy Led

Inclusive Medical Innovation is

Advocacy Led

Advocacy illuminates the voice of underserved patient communities

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When research listens, progress follows.

We connect patients with clinical trials to make research more equitable and efficient with patient advocacy at the forefront. Patients are the experts in their condition and advocacy groups provide a platform for patient voices. Working directly with these communities is the key to pushing research forward in an inclusive way.

Advocacy partners are health influencers social influencers community leaders caregivers organizations parent groups KOLs/physicians tech startups

Patient stories are the Heart of our work

Whether you’re a patient, a caregiver, a family member, a healthcare worker, a community leader, or someone else who cares... Advocacy in clinical trials works best when we connect everyone’s voice.

patient clinical trials stories patient clinical trials stories

Each patient story inspires better research. Add yours to join the cause.

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patient clinical trials stories patient clinical trials stories

With Leapcure, the patient voice has led to saving 60+ years of clinical trials research...

...across 42 countries and in over 30 languages

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